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Summary - Devozki
Name: Devozki Ads
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As sex workers, we are often denied the opportunity to tell our stories without judgement, manipulation or editing. Because of this we felt it was important to provide space to platform these voices where possible. Our interview series A tryst with is a great way to get to know some of your favorite workers and understand how you can be a better ally. This week we speak to Lady Opium about how she got started in the industry, her background in Horticulture and the absurdity of criminalising activity between consenting adults Tell us your story, how did you get into the industry and what has your journey looked like thus far I first got into the industry after I received my massage therapy license and started my freshman year of college. I had so many male clients ask for more and I was a bit hesitant to do it until I talked to a few ladies I knew who were exclusively escorting. Lol, its college so there are always the girls with a little bit more than the others if you know what I mean. So far, my journey in this industry has been both eye opening and amazing. I've met so many wonderful people and I find with time, things are only getting  better. What are some of your hobbies and interests outside of work I'm very artsy creative in my down time and I enjoy bedazzling corsets, personalizing jackets and painting my feelings on canvas. Video games are also my absolute FAVORITE pastime. I currently have a ps4 and since covid, I've been able to stream my games. I was hoping to snag a ps5, but I was late to the party and it looks like it will take forever. I'm currently awaiting the release of Hellblade 2 Senua's Saga. Kind of upset that it's on Xbox 1st instead of Playstation 1st. If I'm not being artsy or playing my video games, then I'm working on my body in the gym or I'm online studying for my horticulture master grow certification. Cannabis has finally been legalized in new Jersey and I want to make sure I'm front and center in the industry. As sex workers, we face several challenges in our line of work. What are some of the issues you care about, and how do you think your clients can help sex workers The fact that we really don't have resources and programs for those of us in need. So many sex workers are in survival mode and really can't afford the things they need to stay safe and healthy like under garments, feminine hygiene products, counselling, food,  shelter, etc. So many resources stop when the powers that be find out you're a sex worker and that really pisses me off. Here we live in a world that thrives and depends on sex for its very entertainment and survival.  Sex is in everything we do, if we keep it completely honest with ourselves having Luxury Manchester escorts. Could you imagine a world where sex doesn't exist Including nature I bet you can't, so why are we as human beings so unforgiving and critical of it No matter if it's for sale or for love I believe clients can help by signing petitions that help sex workers, that help sex workers and standing up for the decriminalization of sex work. Also, by paying attention to the political aspects of sex work like FOSTA SESTA and the new internet bills that affect sex workers. Why do you think it is important for sex work to be decriminalized and how would that impact your work Honestly, sex between 2 consenting adults shouldn't be criminalized and it's absurd that it is. Decriminalization would actually help me flourish and move around a bit more legally. Plus advertising would probably be better as far as costs are concerned. What kind of music are you currently listening to Honestly, it's a mixture. I can go from rap, hip_hop, R&B,  and then end up rocking out to Korn or Marilyn Manson. My tastes in music are very, extremely versatile. I'm currently building a sexy sex playlist  that I'll be working to. Last month, after a trip to a small Kansas record shop; I ended up listening to Göetia's Dark Magic Music and grew very fond of it.But my favorite song right now is Raul Ferrando's Yearning. It's such a beautiful and emotional instrumental. What do you think the public should know about the sex industry and sex workers I wish people knew that sex can be so many things and that it's NOT at all cut and dry.  And just because a girls rates are xyz, doesn't mean she see's a million guys a day or even 2. So please stop the myth of sex workers being ran through. Sex work is work finding clients on escort directories.  So many things go on behind the scenes like administrative work, editing, doing your own photography,  learning new skills techniques,  marketing and customer service. That's not all, but you get my point. It's literally running a small business. What are your top three pieces of advice for workers just starting out ALWAYS go with your gut. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. SCREEN. SCREEN. SCREEN. You never know who is reaching out to you, so always use real world information.  People who want to book you, will follow your policies on booking you. Anything outside of that is a waste of your time. What is something you're currently excited about I'm currently enrolled in a Horticulture Master Grow certification program.  In 12 months I'll be qualified to work in the cannabis industry. I'm very excited because I want to make my very own strains of  MJ and  produce a luxury label of cannagars. What would your dream date look like My suitor tells me that he has a beautiful day planned for me. He books me a spa day at AIRE Ancient Baths in NYC and hands me an envelope full of cash to go shopping with whilst he gets the hotel ready for our dangerously sexy evening. He has dinner planned for us at  Nusr-Et Steakhouse  and  I can order anything on the menu. I love to eat, so that's music to my ears.  We eat and laugh, flirt and steal the sexiest moments when no one is looking. When dessert comes he pulls out a beautiful pair of earrings and gifts them to me and we proceed to  feed each other dessert. Once we get back to the hotel, he devours me time and time again until he can't cum anymore.

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