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A specialist in industrial air filtration and extraction is marking ‘Learning at Work Week’ (13-19th May) by launching a £100,000 investment in upskilling all of its staff across the group.
Filtermist, along with sister companies Multi-Fan …

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Nettl :Ring Launches in UK today…

Submitted by on April 8, 2015 – 6:40 am |

Nettl Ring ClassicBIRMINGHAM – 1st April 2015 – today announces the launch of its most innovative device yet, the new Nettl :ring. This is the year of wearable technology, and with the imminent launch of Watch and Band, technology giants Apple and Microsoft are betting this trend is going to be big., the network of web studios, have gone one better. Available initially in the UK only, with plans to market the new product worldwide, Nettl :ring embodies the ultimate goal of, which is to make websites more accessible, relevant and ultimately, more personal. Nettl :ring represents a new chapter in the relationship people have with their technology, enabling immediate communication – quite literally at your fingertips.

Tom Hook of, said: “People want to do more on the move, and we thought why stop at a watch? Sometimes looking at a whole website can be really tiring, which is why we have designed the new Nettl :ring, which displays just three letters at a time. It creates a much simpler platform. 47 times simpler than Twitter, actually. We can’t wait for people to start wearing it and begin the journey of interacting with the world, living a better day, by being more aware of their daily activity than ever before.

“Conceived, designed and developed as a singular product specifically to be fingered, the Nettl :ring merges our desire for instant access to information with the growing trend for wearable technology, offering unparalleled personalisation in a timeless collection of beautiful rings.”

The precious collection includes designs to suit any outfit and lifestyle. Following the news of the impending Mobilegeddon caused by changes to Google search, the Nettl :ring will only be compatible with websites which have been designed by and customers of the web studio will be get unique RingSting® Protection to ensure all Nettl :ring wearers are able to read their website, three full letters at a time. There is also an exclusive Find my :ring app available with each device as part of a one :ring package.

Every ring will also be fitted with a specially designed battery that will last for up to two hours*. Each charge takes just eight hours via the new hi-speed RingHole® charger, the design of which will change on the next version.

The Nettl :ring also has a special RingFire® encryption built in. The advanced biometric security system detects the user’s unique finger aroma and will instantly remove the finger of any potential intruder.

Available from 1st April 2015 at, customers are now able to start browsing the collection, choosing their favourite design and pre-ordering their chosen Nettl :ring to make sure they are the first to get their hands on this revolutionary piece of stylish technology.

About the Collection

Nettl :ring Classic

Already a design icon, the Classic model features a 100% real synthetic diamondella made from authentic acrylic tuff plastic. This is set on top of a rare aluminium ring piece made from antique coke cans.

Nettl :ring Pirate

For ultimate wow-factor, the Pirate model is covered in red solid rhinestone beads and one enormous ruby-like knob. All set into a 4ct shiny gold-painted lightweight pressed tinfoil, this is the choice for those who want to show off their ring piece publicly.

Nettl :ring Bandit

This ring is 100% pure blue polymer, inspired by a sapphire but much lighter. This model has a stainless metal :ring, in a shape which is designed to catch your clothes and your attention.

All of the :rings feature a cutting edge Eyearrhea-X® display. Each display molecule is ionised using the same cannons as featured in the Empire Strikes Back, making them virtually safety proof. Each letter on the :ring is rendered in glorious Blue-Ice® which displays both nothing and something quite well, and virtually all of the stink has been eliminated.

For more information and to view the models, visit Pundits are predicting long lines outside Nettl web studios so advise early adopters to check availability online before travelling.

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