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January 8, 2020 – 6:00 am |

370 people in Coventry and Warwickshire are now back in work after being long-term unemployed thanks to the pioneering work of three local initiatives. 
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Here’s hope to rescuing you from Pension Poverty !…

Submitted by on December 24, 2013 – 8:25 am |

Gill Alton - Property investment specialist - Here's hope to rescuing you from Pension PovertyIF YOU WANT TO RESCUE YOURSELF FROM PENSION POVERTY AND HAVE ALL BUT GIVEN UP…HERE’S HOPE!

Property investment specialist, Gill Alton, mum of 2, has developed a retirement rescue plan for those concerned about their pension prospects and who are interested in taking action to build a more attractive future.

Gill Alton has developed her own property portfolio over a period of 18 years and set up Alton Property Partners and Alton Property Mentoring some three years ago in order to share her own experiences of buy-to-let and to guide clients wishing to build their own portfolios. As one of her own ongoing investment drivers is to establish a solid income for retirement, Alton felt driven to write the book, taking her experience and knowledge to help educate a wider audience, an audience she currently feels are misled. Her book “Your Pension Shortfall, Your Retirement Rescue Plan” comes from the perspective of keeping it realistic and honest, and provides a step-by-step plan of action to help the ‘lost generation’ (those in their mid 40s – mid 50s) to diversify into property investment to support their golden years.

Alton emphasises, “Many are simply marching towards a retirement of misery, unaware of the size of their pension shortfall.  Add to this increased life expectancy and our retirement plans need to work even harder to support us once we stop earning a regular salary. My book is not a get-rich-quick scheme but is aimed at demonstrating that there is an alternative for those who aren’t willing to sit back and wait, but want to do something proactive to boost their retirement income. With property prices looking more stable, many will again consider buy-to-let as an investment vehicle, so it’s essential they take the right action and do not simply get caught up in the hype.”

“Your Pension Shortfall, Your Retirement Rescue Plan” is unique, as it not only provides readers with a background to pensions but also includes considerable financial analysis and a fictional character, David, to illustrate the potential solution offered by property investment. It provides an easy to follow approach to guide the first time landlord through the process, challenging many of the traditional investment strategies and explaining pitfalls to avoid. It also offers an opportunity to benefit from Alton’s own considerable experience.

Commenting on the book, corporate executive Rob Luscombe suggests, “It provides an overview of the current pension crisis and a great introduction to property investing for the complete novice.”

To date the book has received 5star Reviews on Amazon including the following:

‘If you are in your 40’s or 50’s then you should read this book, and read it again .Use it as a reference and return to it every year, if Gill is right which I for one believe she is then you will be very well placed if you follow the strategy that is clearly defined within these very well written chapters. My prediction is that anyone who reads it and does nothing may regret leaving their future to chance , this is a well defined blueprint for a stable and happy retirement .
Small price to pay for a factual not fictional and well planned retirement strategy’  David Housley.

‘I was fortunate enough to get hold of a pre-launch copy of this book after hearing Gill speak and I wasn’t disappointed, never have I found pensions so interesting!! From a history lesson on the origins of the state pension and how an ageing & growing population has pushed it to breaking point to how I can identify and positively affect my pension shortfall and take back control of my future!! This book is a must read if like me, having spent so many years with no real understanding of pensions or even a desire to learn, the first 50 pages of will truly enlighten and possibly frighten at the same time! Most importantly though it will educate, I now understand what Defined Benefit & Defined Contribution schemes are and the difference between them. How pension providers illustrations and median pension returns are misrepresented due to the impact of inflation and fund management fees. What an Annuity is, the many different types and how the values have been impacted by Quantitative Easing! The easy reading and step by step approach in the pages beyond the first 50 go on to explain in undeniable fashion how investment in property can not only recover a significant pension shortfall but provide a bright future in my twilight years and a legacy for my family for generations to come!!’  Dave Deane

The first three chapters of the book can be read for free at

The book is published by Lulu Publishing and is available on Amazon at RRP £19.99.

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