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March 13, 2019 – 6:00 am |

Disrupting the precision metal pressings and stamping marketplace has helped a Black Country manufacturer increase sales by 60% over the last three years.
Clamason Industries, which provides a single-source design, development and value-added engineering solution, saw …

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Foster Customer Loyalty Using Promotional Gifts….

Submitted by on September 14, 2018 – 6:15 am |

UnbenanntWho doesn’t love a freebie? Everyone likes getting something for nothing – but, nothing is totally free and there are some business owners who are loath to fit the bill for providing free gifts. However, these people are sadly missing out on a golden opportunity. We all know that the relationship between a business and its customers shouldn’t end when a sale has been closed. Really this is just the beginning and strategies for turning these customers into repeat sales and creating long-lasting relationships with them need to be in place. One effective method for retaining customers and fostering natural feelings of loyalty is through the use of promotional gifts and giveaways. These can be tough and some business owners are instinctively turned off by the idea which can seem like throwing away good money. This attitude needs to be overcome and promotional gifts, when done correctly, should be viewed as a powerful investment in building loyalty and repeat business in the future and helping you stand out from your competitors. 

Customer Loyalty

Research has shown that when a customer is given a gift from a company then there is a greater than 85% chance that they will buy from that company again in the future. That stat alone is probably enough to convince most people of the value of promotional gifts. One of the great things is that the gifts don’t have to be expensive such as having something printed by a company like HelloPrint, or even cost anything to be effective and we will look at some examples of these shortly. Building up a database of customers is one of the keys to success and by maintaining contact with them it helps build trusting relationships – but only if the contact is meaningful and the customers believe it is valuable. Gifts and giveaways are perceived as a very valuable contact. Nearly three quarters (73%) of people use promotional gifts once a week at least – nearly half do every day. While over half keep the freebie from one to four years. So a well-made, thoughtful gift is potentially going to be a constant reminder of your company in a customer’s home for a long time.

Promotional Gift Ideas

Physical items, usually branded, are one example but they need to be thoughtful, catering to the customers’ needs and fitting in with the image of the company. In some ways, these can be one of the more expensive options but they can also have a longer lasting impact than less expensive options. If you choose to offer free goodies, make sure they are well made as they can be used by a customer for years. Gift cards or discounts work well as it gives customers a motivation to buy or use your service again with the added bonus that they are free to choose what they want to get and make you look more attractive than your competitors. Extending this concept further is the development of a VIP program that rewards customer loyalty. Most, if not all, big companies have their own program because they are tried and tested in successfully expanding customer numbers. They don’t need to cost much or be overly generous to be effective either, but having one in place shows customers that you value their business. For a money-saving option maybe consider using social media to share thank you messages and videos to your customers – let them know you are thinking of them and the favour will be returned.

Hopefully, this has given you some ideas about launching your own promotional gift ideas at work. Spend some time researching your customers and finding out what they would appreciate the most and the marketing strategies that will work best to fulfil these impulses. Remember, it doesn’t have to blow the whole marketing budget but the rewards are definitely there for successful promotional giveaways so make sure to reach out to your customers before your competitors get in there.

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